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Friday evening, 6/23 — join in for the Open Mic & local players concert:  7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Great local & national talent will amaze and entertain you with all kinds of instruments like: flutes, drums, digeridoos, guitars, shakers, tamborines & more!   YOU can join in on the playing too!    Sign up list will be available at the stage.

BBQ food & drinks will be available for purchase during this time.



Saturday evening, 6/24 — FREE community concert starring Grammy winner: Robert Mirabal!

Shelly and Fabian Coyote Oldman

Shelly Morningsong and Fabian Fontenelle:

2016 Native American Music Awards "Artist of the Year"! Grammy Member, ASCAP Member, Shelley Morningsong (N. Cheyenne) has recorded five sensational Native American, Contemporary albums and has emerged as one of New Mexico’s finest Native performers. She has played guitar since she was a youngster, she has also mastered the Native American flute on which she performs skillful, heartfelt instrumentals on some of her compositions.

Shelley's husband and musical partner Fabian Fontenelle (Zuni/Omaha) adds a breathtaking and beautiful element to their performance with his traditional northern plains style dancing, storytelling and drumming. Fabian is an original member of the American Indian Dance Theater. 


Michael Graham Allen (aka Coyote Oldman):

Recording artist, master flute maker, scholar, and musician, Michael Graham Allen has been researching and reintroducing New World flutes since the 1970s. He is a profound music pioneer, recording contemporary flute music well before the Native American flute took hold in the mainstream commercial recording industry. His recordings, Night Forest, Tear of the Moon, Landscape, and Thunder Chord, received much acclaim, marking them as pivotal recordings in the contemporary genre labeled by some as New Age and/or New Age Electronica, respectively. Michael lit a firestorm of innovative musical awareness. He introduced the Native American flute to numerous music markets all over the world, starting a revolution of interest in the instrument and in the culture from whence it originated. Michael is celebrated as an innovator, gifted musician, and a master craftsman, as he is credited with the reintroduction of the Anasazi, Mojave, and Hopi flutes, ancient rim-blown flutes of the New World.

BBQ food & drinks will be available for purchase during this time.




Come see one of the largest Tee Pee’s ever made!

The Tee Pee has a 26 foot diameter and can hold up to 30+ people!

Sign up to play your flute, drums, digeridoo, guitar, shakers, tamborine, and any other instrument inside this authentic Native American Tee Pee!

There will be Native American flute & drum circles both days for you to join in!

There will also be lessons & workshops in this LARGE Tee Pee!





There will be workshops and demonstrations held in the the large Tee Pee & Pavilion and at individual Vendor booths.




Sign up for Native American flute, drum, and other instrument lessons held in the large Tee PeePavilion, and at individual Vendor booths.