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A Note From Nancy

Each year I am amazed at the powerful thoughts and feelings that happen during Solstice Flute School. Lovingly referred to as “Flute Camp” by our students, it is in many ways a reunion of people who share the passion of the Native Flute and is so much more than a flute school. If you have loved listening to the music & always wanted to learn to play – please come join us.  There’s no music to read & instruments are provided to borrow & purchase.  If you’re a master level player – please come join us! You’ll be in good company!  If you’re anywhere in between – come join us!
Whether you are new to “Flute Camp” or a Student who has been with us from the start, each year we quickly bond into a cohesive Solstice “Flootie Family.” It has been a joy to reflect upon this past Solstice Flute School and to witness the lives were impacted, changed and saved. This is the result of amazingly talented teachers AND students, powerful Native healers, an intimate group of students, and an atmosphere of love and support. 

We always strive to keep Solstice Flute School fresh with unique curriculum, workshops and activities. This year we are so honored to have as our very Special Guest Artist, Michael Graham Allen “Coyote Oldman.” 

We invite you to join our Solstice Flootie Family & look forward to welcoming you to Flute Camp next year!


Nancy Haga

Words of our Students:

"Summer Solstice Flute School exceeded all of my expectations. It was an experience that affected me on so many levels. As I reflect on the week, I realize it's far more than a Flute School. I learned even more about ME than I learned about the FLUTE."

Lynda T., Colorado