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Gilbert Levy - Record Your  Own Masterpiece with Suzanne and Gilbert!


Gilbert Levy and Suzanne Teng will work with you to create, prepare, arrange and record your own masterpiece! Start with an idea and leave with a fully produced and professionally recorded piece! Some people have recorded 2-3 pieces in the two hour time frame if their pieces are prepared and have simpler accompaniment.

Learn about mic technique, overdubs, song development and arrangement, and more.

Gilbert will add his performance on drums/percussion/strings and synth pads. Suzanne and her array of flutes/winds will also be available to you to create supporting sounds for YOU, the soloist! Participate in the mixing process, and witness the blossoming of your musical ideas into masterpieces!

Fee: $255 for two hour recording session, one hour post production mixing session. Includes all supporting musical performances by Gilbert and Suzanne, and shipping of final CD to you within a week following Flute School.

For $75/hour extra, a more complex masterpiece can have multiple overdubs, fine tuned mixing for commercial-ready release, tuning of pitches, additional accompaniment, etc., all done in post production after camp. Sign up for this option at camp after you discuss your masterpiece ideas with Suzanne.".


Fee: $255.00 for 2 hour session

Record your Own Master Piece with Suzanne and Gilbert!