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Kalani Das - An Introduction To Therapeutic Flute Services

A limited number of students will be accepted for the Therapeutic Flute Music Course, presented by Board-Certified Music Therapist, Kalani Das. This opportunity is for anyone who is passionate about providing music-based services that are designed to be therapeutic in nature.

To equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively design and facilitate therapeutic music-based experiences.


  • Increase understanding of how music can be therapeutic.
  • Identify techniques used to facilitate therapeutic experiences.
  • Expand intervention options with regard to designing therapeutic experiences.
  • Increase knowledge of populations who may benefit from therapeutic music.
  • Identify ethical issues with regard to providing therapeutic services.
  • Identify options for providing paid and volunteer services for individuals.

During the course, students will:

  • Develop facilitative and musical skills to support therapeutic experiences.
  • Practice playing alone and with others, creating a variety of musical experiences.
  • Give and receive feedback and critique from peers and the instructor.
  • Design and participate in practice sessions, using a variety of instruments.
  • Learn about the ways music can be used as a therapeutic tool.
  • Discover ways to involve those without musical experience in musical experiences.
  • Learn how to design and market therapeutic flute music services.

Students are able to:

  • Play melodies with a pure and pleasing tone.
  • Play in a variety of styles with accurate rhythm and feel.
  • Match tempo, meter, and dynamics.
  • Utilize breath to produce desired and consistent effects.
  • Improvise music within a variety of genres.
  • Play simple melodies with accuracy and musicality.

Formal musical training and the ability to read or write musical notation is not required.

Hours: 12 total; 3 hours per day for four days; 1.5 class, 1.5 practice.
Self Investment: $225 (includes class materials)
Limited to 10 Students
This course does not certify students in music therapy or any allied healthcare profession.
Additional work and costs are required for Certification.
Direct questions to Kalani Das:


An Introduction To Therapeutic Flute Services